Friday, March 28

Eliel: 6 months

Yowza! Eliel is already halfway through his first year.  He is growing so fast and moving around so much. 

He has five teeth and is scooting around.  He can already get up on the lower level of our coffee table. His favorite thing to do is to scoot over to the musical instruments basket there and pull it down then bang the instruments on the floor and chew on them. 

We finally got a mirror installed in the car so that we can see him in his rear facing seat, so now I know what he's doing back there.  He keeps himself occupied with watching Mavry or smiling back at himself in the mirror.  I guess one reason he's happier in the car than Mavry used to be is that he has a companion back there (and she can't mess with him when they are in their carseats!)

Eliel at 5 months
Eliel at 4 months
Eliel at 3 months
Eliel at 2 months
Eliel at 5 weeks

Tuesday, March 18


Mavry went through a period where she said "I know" in the cutest voice ever.  This was back in November and I don't think she does it anymore.  Glad we got it on video!

Belated Christmas post

This blog post was found in my drafts folder.  It's well past Christmas, but I'm posting it anyhow.  :)

This was our first Christmas in our little house.  We went with the tomato cage Christmas tree again until the weekend before Christmas when I got a pencil tinsel Christmas tree to use with a color wheel that we scored for dirt cheap at a garage sale.

We went on an outing the Saturday night before Christmas to Naples, a neighborhood on the canals in Long Beach, that decorates with elaborate light displays.  One house had Santa and Mrs. Claus.  You can see that Mavry was interested in checking him out thoroughly this time.

Monday, March 17

Eliel: 5 months

Our little guy is about to turn 6 months old next week (!) so I figured it was time to get his 5 month old pictures up here.  They are unfortunately fuzzy but I can't retake them now three weeks later!

Fuzzy or not, Eliel is a cutie and a joy.  He has four teeth at 5 months.  The two around his middle top came in before the ones in the middle, but it looks like the middle top are about to catch up. 

Eliel at 4 months
Eliel at 3 months
Eliel at 2 months
Eliel at 5 weeks

Saturday, January 25

Eliel: 4 Months

Our Eliel is such a smiley baby.  He has the cutest dimple when he smiles.  He sprouted two teeth already a few weeks back, about a week apart.  That was a big surprise! He drools like none other.  If I forget to put a bib on the boy I have to change his shirt.

Lately he has been rolling over as soon as I put him down on his back and he's started some scooching.  Well, I'm not sure what he's doing, but as soon as I turn my back on him he seems to have moved a few feet somehow.  He coos and laughs and loves watching his big sister. 

Eliel at 3 months
Eliel at 2 months
Eliel at 5 weeks

Thursday, January 2

Mavry and Her Dolls

Mavry got this doll last Christmas from Mimi. (Mimi loves to give dolls to little girls.  I think we got one every Christmas growing up!)  In the past few months, Mavry has gotten really interested in having a doll or a bear to hold while around the house.  Sometimes she will have one come along in the car too. 

The dolls are generally naked because Mavry strips their clothes off and asks me over and over again to dress them.  She watches carefully as I do but can't quite get the clothes on herself yet. 

Wednesday, January 1

Eliel: 3 Months

Eliel (pronounced EL ee el) turned three months old on Christmas Eve!  We were busy getting packed and getting the house ready for visitors to stay in while we were gone, but we did get a few quick pictures with Raggedy Andy. 

I dressed him in a sweater suit I got at a thrift store before Mavry was born.  It's so cute, but Colin told me I should change him into something else.  :)

He looks like he liked the outfit change too.  He is a smiley little guy who loves faces.  He has figured out how to turn over from front to back and back to front and enjoys his floor time for short periods.  He likes to swat at his mobiles but his floor time is a little more limited than Mavry's was because she is always interested in "helping" him turn over or thinks he needs his diaper pulled off or a blanket over his face, or whatever else. 

She's also quite interested in the camera when I'm taking pictures of her brother.